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Circular Economy Expert Peru

Position: Founder

Organization: Exchange 4 Change Brasil 

Fields of Expertise: Chemical Engineer (UFRJ-Brazil), MSc in Environmental Engineering (Surrey University, UK). Industrial Symbiosis, Environmental Management Systems, Multi-sectorial connections, Policy development, Plastic Recycling Technologies, Supply chain interaction, Circular Economy Strategic Development and Implementation.


Highly passionate professional determined to bring people together, influence better business practices and contribute to the new circular economy implementation in Brazil. 10 years international experience working with UK businesses and developing UK government polices, she brought the 1st industrial symbiosis project to Brazil supported by UK government.

Back in Brazil she was able to drive key sustainability programmes, such as the development of the Brazilian LCA Network that has united large Brazilian and global brands (GE, Danone, Natura, Embraer, etc) to work towards a Brazilian database and was responsible to bring the circular economy discussion to the Brazilian chemical industry when liaising with green PE international clients.


Exchange 4 Change Brasil - E4CB was born in 2015 to influence the circular transition based on international knowledge exchange, co-creating and adapting global solutions to the Brazilian reality.


The 1st circular economy book published in portuguese highlights the work developed with dutch experts and local industry and is now gathering companies and universities to build the Circular Living Lab.  NEC - Núcleo de Economia Circular - a study group developed in 2016 that has liaised with circular experts from 7 countries to un-derstand the benefits and challenges of CE and discuss how this knowledge could be adapted to the Brazilian cultural aspects and local needs. This is now the basis for the Circular Economy Brazilian Network which is creating 8 regional hubs with agents prepared to disseminate and identify circular economy opportunities: E4CB edu-cational arm - NEC Brasil.

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