Position: Executive Director & Happiness Officer

Organization: Más Oxígeno / Circulab Network / The Compost Net

Fields of Expertise: Business Model Generation & Innovation, Emotional Intelligence Specialist, Circular Economy (CE)


Graduated in Business Economics, Federico is the Executive Director and Happiness Office of Más Oxígeno, an NGO formed by a group of professionals that enjoy working hand in hand with organizations so they can incorporate sustainability to their DNA through the development of social and environmental projects. For Más Oxígeno, future leading organizations will be those which embrace this new paradigm shift, where sustainability acts as a key driver to achieve better financial results.


Federico is the Latin American Ambassador of The Circulab, an approach imagined and developed by the design agency Wiithaa in order to help organizations seize the economical, social and environmental opportunities of the Circular Economy.


With presence in 13 countries, Circulab Network brings together 40 independent consultants with diverse backgrounds and complementary skills, who share the same purpose of helping companies transition to the circular economy.


Federico is the Ambassador of The Compost Net, an online platform with the purpose to take advantage of collective intelligence to spread the word on composting as a way of recycling organic matter. The compost net can geo locate composting initiatives and quantify their savings to prove that each effort counts when a big change is needed.


U: www.cep-americas.com

E: info@cep-americas.com

T: +297 587 2013

P.O. Box 5202

Oranjestad, ARUBA

Dutch Caribbean

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