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Position: Founder and Mentor

Organization: Kora Paraguay

Fields of Expertise: Public Policies: Public Management; Integrated Water Management; Environmental management; Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Audit; Integrated Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy.


Fernando, graduated in Geographical Sciences with a Masters’ degree (Candidate) in Agribusiness, Rural Development and Environmental Management is the Founder and Mentor of Kora Paraguay (Kora, which in Guarani language means "Circle"), an association of public utility that works to raise awareness the principles of the Circular Economy in Paraguay and is made up of professionals from different academic backgrounds.

In the public service, he has served as General Director of Environmental Management in the Municipality of Asunción. He has also served as Director of Hydrology and Hydrogeology and Director of Environmental Quality Control in the Ministry of the Environment, where he has supervised the Lake Ypacaraí Recovery Plan and international cooperation projects such as"Review and Update of the National Plan of Application on Persistent Organic Pollutants in Paraguay "; "Asuncion Green City of the Americas - Pathways to Sustainability"; "Development of National Action Plans for Artisanal and Small Scale Artisanal Mining in Paraguay"; and, "Strengthening environmentally sound management and final disposal of PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) in Paraguay".

He has also been a University Professor of the Chairs: Topography and Surveying; Cartography, Environmental Geography; Environmental management; Environmental Impact Assessment; Integral management of solid waste; Environmental Audit; Global Change and Thesis Adviser.

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