Position: Managing and Principal Consultant

Organization: NRM Solutions

Fields of Expertise: Environmental Management; Waste Management; Chemicals Management; Environmental Policy; Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs); Environmental Management Plans; Ecology.


Jonelle René Jones is a 10-year career professional in the environmental management field. Academically trained in Trinidad and Tobago and across Europe, Ms. Jones brings together theory and practice from the developed and developing worlds in order to apply the best knowledge and information towards solving the critical problems facing environmental management and sustainable development within the Caribbean.

Ms. Jones has experience in the development, implementation and management of technical assistance programmes and projects having previously worked at the Basel Convention Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer for the Caribbean (BCRC), where she was the technical and programme lead. This work was done in conjunction with the Technical Assistance Branch of the Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions (SBRSC) as well as with other multilateral bodies and donors such as the GEF and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and their processes. She also possesses work experience in the areas of waste and chemicals management, environmental assessments and environmental policy.

Ms. Jones continues to serve in the Caribbean and internationally as a technical and policy-based environmental consultant under her own firm, NRM Solutions and with various institutions worldwide.




T: +297 587 2013

P.O. Box 5202

Oranjestad, ARUBA

Dutch Caribbean

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