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Circular Economy Expert Colombia

Position: Director of Sustainability Department

Organization: Institute for sustainable entrepreneurship, EAN University

Fields of Expertise: Strategic Management, Sustainability Assessment, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Management, Clean Production.


Chemical Engineer, Master in Environmental Engineering, student in Doctorate in Strategic Business Administration (Catholic University of Peru) / PhD in Business Administration (Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands); waste management expert with a diplomas in teaching, environmental education and sustainable management. Member of the Latin American network of experts in solid waste and renewable energy. Professional experience of over 17 years in waste management, environmental management and sustainability. Associate Certificate in Sustainability by ISSP (International Society of Sustainability Professionals) and member of ISWA (International Solid Waste Association). Alejandro has been a consultant, program director, manager and entrepreneur, with experience in: rational use of resources to rural, municipal and urban level; in the environmental technical assistance program to the transport sector and SMEs of Bogotá D.C.; in environmental management for large enterprises. Extensive research and teaching experience at undergraduate and graduate level in Colombia and other countries (Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil).

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