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Circular Economy Expert Peru

Position: Product Life-Cycle Management  Expert 

Organization: Circular Economy Platform of the Americas

Fields of Expertise: Product life cycle management of industrial equipment specifically developing maintenance and operations strategies to increase availability and utilization rates while reducing TCO.


Jose is graduated as Mechanical Engineer, specialized in industrial automation and maintenance.


After several years working on his field of expertise, he took a MSc in Advanced Production Systems in France. Focused mainly on digital and robotic manufacturing, it allowed Jose to catch up with new trends and technologies. His objective was to identify technologies currently used in manufacture that could be applied in maintenance operations to improve efficiency.


Most of his professional experience is related to service and maintenance operation of industrial assets. There, Mr. Gonzalez understood the power that such equipment has to fuel a country’s economy (in key areas such as manufacturing, construction and mining) and therefore the importance to prolong their productive live. His interest is to develop strategies and models to evaluate the best way to manage the life cycle for products that most of their value comes from technology and design rather than from their raw materials.


Currently Jose is based on Spain where he tries to keep helping his homeland from afar with the tools that he has, promoting a more responsible and sustainable growth through the Circular Economy.

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