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Position: Executive Director

Organization: Plastic Oceans Foundation Chile

Fields of Expertise: Plastic Contamination. Marine litter. Social innovation. Cross sector collaboration. Waste management. International awareness campaigns. Sustainability. Public speaker. Environmental Education. Audiovisual production/ documentaries. Process management. Marketing.


Dutch based in Chile 11 years ago. He is a Commercial Engineer from the University of Breda Netherlands, with a bachelor's degree in Education from Fontys University and a diploma in Corporate Innovation from the Pontifical Catholic University. Mark is the Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Chile, Founder of the start-up Galoo, President of the Communal Environmental Committee of Providence and Professor of Social innovation at the University of Development (UDD).

Mark has several years of experience in project management in the culture and art sector, Corporate Marketing and Sustainability.

Since June 2017, Mark is the Director of the Plastic Oceans Foundation Chile. He oversees the organization’s development, networks creation and the establishment of international contacts and education programs tailored to the Chilean market.  He also gives talks to raise awareness around the issue of ocean plastic pollution in Universities and municipalities. From the beginning, his work in Plastic Oceans has been focused on the transition to a Circular Economy in Chile. For this purpose, Mark works with companies, ONG´s, government institutes and international embassies to generate a multisectoral collaborative network to manage the intersectoral collaborations needed to convert the linear economy into circular. Mark uses local and international examples to show that change is possible and it is only a matter of will and vision.

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