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Circular Economy Expert Aruba

Position: Co-Founder & Public Affairs Leader

Organization: Camel hub SAS

Fields of Expertise: Circular projects development, sustainable innovation & Resilient/Sustainable Construction


15 years of experience on energy, infrastructure & industrial projects. Mauricio has the knowledge, learning ability, adaptation to different contexts, continuous updating on new regulations/policies and the leadership of transdisciplinary/multicultural teams. He has gained these skills from different projects deployed along Mexico, East Europe, Asia and South America-Caribbean regions.

He has worked in the complete life-cycle of infrastructure/industrial projects (cement production sector), from Engineering/Construction Supervision of Hydro-power megacentrals & circular solutions development for cities challenges such as mobility, sustainable housing & resilient construction.

After living Super typhoon HAIYAN disaster on 2013 in The Philippines, he understood that all the knowledge, technology and experience must be put at the service of mankind in balance with our planet. For him, climate change is the most powerful symptom of our wrong way in terms of economic model. Mauricio thinks that it’s time to start a transition towards a Circular Economy in a large scale, not only from large Corporations, but also from SME’s, entrepreneurship & Public Sector; we have to re-think our cities, business models, value chain as a single metabolism and/or interconnected ecosystems through an innovative approach. Engineering plays a key-role on this pathway to 2030.

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