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Circular Economy Expert Peru

Position: Co-Founder & CEO

Organization: VALOPES

Fields of Expertise: Technology Business Development, Industrial Ecology, Data Driven Analysis, Recycling & Waste Management Systems, Environmental System Analysis, Environmental Input & Output


Octavio Torres Quintana is the founder of Valopes, a digital industrial waste management company, as well as Bogotá Green Drinks, a platform for discussions on sustainability.


Having obtained his undergraduate degree in Bogotá at the Universidad de Los Andes, Mr. Quintana went on to study in China, Norway at NTNU, and MIT. He is specialized in sustainability and renewable energies, which he combines with a socially responsible entrepreneurial model. His current business enables organizations to improve the quality and consistency of the data on the waste they are producing, recovering and landfilling, in order to comply and assure its license to operate, and with the potential of generating new opportunities for the identification of synergies that enable organizations to divert waste from landfill and oceans.

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