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Circular Economy Expert Peru

Professor and Researcher

Current Position: Excutive Director

Organization: NGO Tecnologias en Desarrollo

CEP Position: Member

Representing: Universidad Catolica Boliviana - Bolivia

Fields of Expertise: Circular Economy and Product Redesign, Biogas projects, Climate Change Assessment, Energy, Livestock, Rural Development. Preparation and coordination of projects in energy renewable biogas and FVs. Ecological Economics, Agribusiness, Market Research


Oliver has more than 20 year of work experience training, managing, coordinating and adapting social projects, besides being a university professor. He holds a degree in Agronomic Engineering and Anthropology, a Master's degree in Ecological Economics, and a Doctorate in Environmental Engineering.


Oliver has been working in different fields including renewable energy, circular economy and environment, with a special focus on solar energy, biomass energy, and circular economy developing and executing different rural development projects in Bolivia and Peru. He has been a keen promoter of renewable energy projects with biogas since 2005, presenting the results of his research on low-cost technologies  in different national and international conferences. 

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