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Position: Circular Economy Business Developer

Organization: ECOR Europe

Fields of Expertise: Circular Economy, Business Development and Supply Chain Management.


As Circular Economy Business Developer of ECOR, Paola contributes to the general goals for the Circular Economy effort in Mexico, providing commercially viable, turnkey and closed-loop enterprise solutions for commercial and government entities, through the conversion of cellulose fiber considered as waste into high value material, free of toxins, cradle to cradle compliant and used for construction, packaging, merchandising and a wide range of applications.

Paola volunteers as project Manager for Mexico in The Protect our Planet Movement, NGO focused on raising awareness among youth about climate change and empowering them to have an active participation in addressing the problem. She has broad experience in project management, business development and supply chain, as she worked for more than ten years in the automobile and manufacturing industry, in companies like General Motors, Continental and in her own family business of furniture manufacturing.

Her background education is in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, a master’s degree in Business Administration from the same institution, several courses on Sustainability and Circular Economy and most recently a course in Life Cycle Assessment and Circular Economy from University College London. Paola is highly motivated and passionate about working towards a better and more sustainable world through personal and professional projects, and she truly believes that Circular Economy is the path to achieve it.

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