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Circular Economy Expert Chile

Position: Regional Programmer Officer

Organization: International Renewable Energy Agency

Fields of Expertise: Energy, Sustainable Development, Closed-Loop-Material-Cycles, Solar and Wind Energy technologies, Numerical modelling, Atmospheric Science, Climate Change.


Ruben Contreras Lisperguer is since 2015 a Regional Programme Officer at the International Renewable Energy Agency based in the United Arab Emirates. Previously he joined the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) of the Organization of American States in January 2008 where he serves as senior technical advisor to the Closed Looped Cycle Production in the Americas program.

He received his degree in Engineer in Meteorology/Atmospheric Science from the Aeronautical Tech. School, in Santiago, Chile. He secured his official MSc. degree in Solar Energy Technology with specialization in modelling & solar energy resources (Cum Laude) from the University of Andalucía in Spain. He received a Post-title in Energy for Sustainable Development from the Lund University in Sweden. Currently, he is securing his Ph.D. in Renewable Energy with research focus on modelling the closing of material loops within the renewable energy sector, at the Jaen University. 

Prior joining the IRENA team, Ruben worked as Senior Energy and Climate Change at the OAS, he was a fellow-researcher on numerical simulation analysis of the atmosphere and climate change at NOAA. In addition, he has worked for about 2 years as researcher-forecaster at the Antarctica Chilean Base and at the National Weather Center of Chile (DMC).

Mr. Contreras Lisperguer has been and is involved as Project/Program Manager in several interdisciplinary projects regarding themes as Bioenergy, sustainable consumption and production, energy analysis, cradle-to-cradle, circular economy, policy development and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

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